“Volunt-Heroes” a photo essay

“If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain. If I can ease one life the aching, or cool one pain, or help one fainting robin unto his nest again, I shall not live in vain” – Emily Dickenson.

Every day, thousands of animals are subjected to abuse, mistreatment or neglect of various kinds.

The RSPCA is a non-governmental organisation that works to prevent this cruelty, by actively promoting the care and protection of animals. They have forty shelters around Australia from which they provide temporary homes and constant support to creatures all great and small.

As with any not-for-profit organisation, volunteer assistance is crucial to the success of the RSPCA. As stated on the RSPCA Qld website: “volunteers are the backbone and life blood of the society… without volunteers, we would simply cease to operate.”

The RSPCA’s Brisbane Campus is one of the most significant animal welfare facilities in the southern hemisphere. With a state-wide call centre available all day every day; a wildlife animal hospital also available 24/7 and an adoption centre open seven days a week, the campus is a constant buzz of incoming and outgoing traffic.

This particular shelter operates with approximately 2,000 regular volunteers; some of who have been volunteering at the shelter for a very long time. Giving up a day or two from their every week does not seem to faze these generous, compassionate people.

This photo essay illustrates the love and care that the RSPCA volunteers give to animals in need every day, representing the important role they play in the ongoing fight against animal cruelty and neglect…

1. Volunt-heroesVolunt-heroes

2. The Brisbane RSPCA Animal Campus

Temporary Home

The Brisbane RSPCA Animal Care Campus is a temporary home for thousands of animals every year. Whether they’ve been dumped and found on the side of the road, brought in because the owners are no longer able to look after them or are the dreaded case of cruelty and neglect – most of the animals have had a pretty rough start to life and are in desperate need of love and affection… That’s where the volunteers come in.

3. All Creatures Great & Small

All Creatures Great & Small

The RSPCA looks after animals of all shapes, sizes and breeds. From farm animals like horses, goats and sheep to household pets like dogs, cats and birds and not forgetting pocket pets like guinea pigs, mice and rats – there’s always an eclectic mix of animals to cater and care for.

Little body, big heart

Small Body, Big Heart

5. Leanne the dog whisperer

Leanne the Dog Whisperer

6. Leanne and Lulu

Cuddles for Lulu

7. Ellen loves the puppies

Ellen, in charge of puppy lovin’

8. The Cat Crew

The Cat Crew

11. Grace and Roxy

Grace works in the call centre Monday-Friday then comes in on Sundays to volunteer with the animals 

9. Judy long term vollie

Long-term vollie Judy shows that it’s not all cuddles and kisses

10. Thumbs up

Kristie teaching little Rocky to sit

4. Friendly Faces

Friendly Faces

18. Walk time

Walk time is a great time for everyone

12. Trust again

Vollies spend extra time with the animals that need to learn to trust again

13. A little love

A little love goes a long way

Amy and Sunny the Goat

Goat kisses are a part of life as a volunteer

amy and fake cat

Volunteer Amy Gayton is a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady 

18. Amy in her home

Amy in her home – holding a photo of her beloved cat who passed away in February


“Volunteering not only has an impact on our lives… but it changes theirs” – Amy Gayton 


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