Gallipoli Trip, April 2010

In April 2010, a group of students and teachers from my school went on an overseas trip called the ‘Gundy to Gallipoli ANZAC Tour’. We visited the grave sites of thousands of Australian soldiers, travelling between the countries of Singapore, Belgium, France, Turkey and finally arriving at the Australian commemorative site in Gallipoli. It was an absolutely amazing experience. Below are just a sample of the thousands of photos taken (the first was not taken by me)…

SAM_0276 31497_1349817117363_1589425730_820774_402532_n

SAM_0160 SAM_0198

SAM_0222  SAM_0271  SAM_0280 SAM_0281

SAM_0158 SAM_0311

SAM_0313 SAM_0336 SAM_0338 SAM_0353 SAM_0374 SAM_0407SAM_0421 SAM_0511

SAM_0509  SAM_0520

SAM_0521 SAM_0576

SAM_0552  SAM_0623 SAM_0624 SAM_0665  SAM_0698 SAM_0710 SAM_0810 SAM_0821 SAM_0825 SAM_0829

SAM_0835 SAM_0826

SAM_0844  SAM_1009 SAM_1102 SAM_1408 SAM_1421 SAM_1425 SAM_1453 SAM_1466 SAM_1469 SAM_1470  SAM_1546 SAM_1559 SAM_1560 SAM_1604 SAM_1605 SAM_1608 SAM_1658 SAM_1662 SAM_1756 SAM_1757



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