Australia’s Great Barrier Reef at Great Risk

One of Australia’s most popular tourist attractions, the beautiful Great Barrier Reef, is very close to being added to the world heritage endangered sites list.

In a media conference this morning, Senator Larissa Waters announced that the World Heritage Committee have issued a “very alarming report” in regards to The Great Barrier Reef’s future.

The report outlines draft recommendations, suggesting that Australia has approximately one year to lift its game before the reef will be classified as endangered.

Senator Waters shared her concerns as Australian Greens’ environmental spokesperson.

“We would be the only developed country with our name on that list… joining war-torn countries like Yemen, Congo and Afghanistan – countries that are not able to properly manage their heritage sites.

“It would be a huge international embarrassment, not to mention a massive blow to our tourism industry – which currently has an annual profit of about $6 billion,” she stated.

If the Great Barrier Reef did become listed as an endangered site, a large decrease would be seen in visitor numbers.

This would then create a domino affect, with a major decline in revenue and therefore employment rates.

Senator Waters quoted “the committee’s draft decision says the Federal and State Governments have made ‘limited progress’ on this issue – that is not good enough.

“We should be putting the interests of the wonderful iconic wildlife species, and of those people whose job relies on a healthy reef… before the short-term private interests of multi-national mining companies whose profits flow offshore anyway.”

Senator Larissa Waters has introduced a bill to the Federal Parliament that would implement recommendations for the development of the reef’s environmental well-being.

She concluded “as the Senator for Queensland, for the Greens, I’ll be proud to be moving this bill in Parliament… It will come in for Senate Enquiry this Thursday.”


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